You're probably here because you're looking for something somehow related to videos! That's what I do. I help people and organisations tell their story, so that they can get busy changing the world.

I have a passion for telling stories that change minds and share knowledge, and figuring out the best way to take what's happening in your world and show everyone else without getting bored or walking away indifferent. Filmmaking is typically seen first as a visual art, but before we talk about cameras and gimbals and all the cool tech stuff, we need to focus on the story first.

I think outside boxes and I look for bigger pictures.  Do you want the world to hear your message?
Then you should get in touch!

My process is simple - I want to know about where you are, and where you'd like to be, so please take five minutes to fill out my discovery questionnaire. This allows me to make the most of our time when we meet


I'm also a freelance camera operator for hire. If you're a producer looking for someone to work with check out my reel below and give me a call on 027 975 7676 - If I can't answer please leave a message or send a text and I'll get right back to you