When I was 14, I went to an extreme sports show with my friend Rufus (neither of us could skate very well, I think we just went for the music). There, amidst the noisy punk bands and dusty haze on a dry summer day, I saw a guy at the top of the half-pipe swinging a big video camera upside down and over his head while each rider would fly off the top of the pipe, do their trick, and glide back down. His hair was long and the camera looked heavy. That's the first time I thought "you can do that for a job?"

I like to do things a little differently, I've never been very good at thinking inside a square and I can't help myself from caring about other people. I like going interesting places and meeting interesting people. I like hearing about small ideas and helping them along the many steps needed to turn them into something great.

I started my career as a cameraman on a kid's TV show, but I couldn't list all the completely different things I've had the luck to be involved with since. Sports, news, motor racing, horse racing, people racing, pig racing, concerts, inspiring conferences, TV commercials, training videos (I know about a lot of random stuff now), short films, and music videos. I've met hundreds of people doing amazing things, I've had lions roar in my face and I've had a lemur crawl onto my shoulder while holding steady to get the perfect shot of his friend eating lunch.

Each new project is a challenge, a new learning experience, and a chance to learn about a corner of the world that's new to me.

I'm also into playing drums, drinking green tea, and wandering around unfamiliar places with a heavy backpack.


Experience and Clients

 Tauranga City Council, Kawerau District Council, TVNZ, Studio 2/Saturday Disney (Taylormade Media), Monstervision, Trackside (NZ Racing Board), TV Rotorua, Cubro, Zespri, ANZ Bank, NZ Trail Runs, TotalSport, Indigenius, TheFastFiles.com, Twinkling Bat Films, Kahu Films, Ninmo Productions, EIVO Media, Pango Productions, Maori TV, Tuskany, Devcich & Co.


Shooting for http://www.thefastfiles.com/ on the Sony FS7