Tauranga International Marathon 2017

Our team of video dudes often head along to sporting events with our cameras and run round almost as much as the participants. These two videos were created for Total Sport and the Tauranga City Council to celebrate our area and people. They are giving excellent results in the current social media campaign for this year's upcoming event - https://www.marathontauranga.co.nz/


Jack & Joice - Cafe Promo

Jack & Joice is a great cafe in the center of Tauranga - go check it out. Get the waffles.

This marketing video has helped support the client's social media activity through organic shares and paid advertising


Prescott Trailers

Promo for a great crew of guys making high quality trailers

Client testimonial:
Andrew did an excellent job, put the staff at ease and made the whole experience worthwhile, with a great outcome. Big thumbs up / pat on the back


Barkes Corner Veterinary

...are a super cool team of people who love looking after animals.



Tarawera Trail Marathon

Best part about shooting an outdoor event is the scenery and seeing what people put themselves through to reach a massive goal, made even harder by the weather we had! The race starts at Te Puia in Rotorua and finishes at Hot Water Beach on Lake Tarawera
Second camera - Tessa Blackett | Drone Shot - Kurt Matthews


Kawerau Adventure Hub

Kawerau is a place that not many people know about, but if you're into the outdoors it has a lot to offer, which is what this marketing was produced to show.
Camera and Edit,  with existing footage provided by the client


Tactile Astronomy - Startup Promo Video

Arturo Pelayo is creating a project to help vision impaired people learn about geography and astronomy, this video was a quick update of where they were at in November 2016

Additional shots by Emma Roll


Motoblitz Promo



Bethlehem Coachlines




Tauranga Careers and Business Expo



Eyeless Band Promo

These guys wanted a quick video to share on social media which captivates the chaos of their live show



Bar Keepers Friend TV Commercial

This TVC was created by a very small crew in Mount Maunganui for the NZ distributor of Bar Keepers Friend. We took a classic approach to this advert, going for a familiar vibe. We even used one of the products during the shoot, it's good stuff.
Location sound by Alf Rose


Closing the Gap -
A Social Worker's Perspective

Social worker Jena Young shares her thoughts on the homelessness situation in Tauranga

Location sound by Alf Rose


Second Hand Planet - Short Film 

This is what happens when some friends who like making films get a weekend off

Drone shots by Andy Morse


ANZ Matariki ATM social media video

Simon Te Wheoro's design was picked as the artwork to go on ANZ's ATMs to celebrate Matariki


Greerton Yarn Bombing

One weekend in winter three guys got together and make a video about knitting. And trees. And a guy with a beard.


Mount Maunganui - Mauao Basetrack

I live near a mountain, and this is the walking track around the base of that mountain